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Commercial & Domestic Pest Control Services

We provide commercial and domestic pest control services to Kent and the surrounding areas. We offer some of the best pest control practises in both commercial and domestic areas, we can help with all pest control situations from bed bugs to wasp nest removals.

We can deal with a number of different pests and will work to control any situation in the most effective & suitable way possible.

  • Rat and Mice Control
  • We have different methods for different rodent situations, rodents can multiply at alarming rates. Therefore, such pests need to be dealt with sooner than later.
  • Bird Proofing
  • Not all birds are associated with being pests but when your building begins to look untidy from droppings or you begin attracting unwanted company on a regular occurrence, it may be time to do something about it. We can offer a range of bird proofing techniques.
  • Fly Control Units
  • Flies are annoying at the best of times and carry bacteria and germs with them, making them a nasty addition to any home or food environment.
  • Bug and Cockroach Control
  • These pests are attracted to dark, warm and moist places where food is easily accessible. They can cause many problems and need to be dealt with immediately.


We provide pest control management services for many different firms, businesses and commercial buildings all over Kent and the surrounding area. To start managing your pest situation, we provide a FREE survey and quotation to your premises.

The Survey/Quotation report will be sent to you detailing the findings and recommendations for the treatment or preventative measures for your premises. We offer a full reporting system that includes details of the problem and what we can do to help your pest situation. Once you are happy with the report we will arrange the correct times to complete the necessary actions to eradicate any pest problems you have as it may have as soon as possible as it could be effecting your health and safety.

We are happy for contracts to be put in place if you have regular pest problems. We have many regular pest preventative contracts with many different commercial premises which cater for their exact needs.

All rodenticides and insecticides that are used by GPM are documented and are approved by the Control of Pesticide Legislation 1986.


Pest problems can be an unpleasant experience for homeowners and tenants alike, so at Goodwin Pest Management we are dedicated to finding solutions to the problem as quickly and effectively as possible.

We can deal with a number of different pests and will work to control the situation in the most suitable way such as wasp nest removal, rat and mice extermination or bird proofing.

Our business is built on reputation and many of our customers recommend us to new customers purely on the basis that we don't focus on the 'quick fix' but instead look at the root of the pest problem and provide solutions that get the best results.

We provide same-day response 7 days a week for both domestic and commercial pest control and there is always a trained technician on the end of a phone 24 hours a day to help with your pest problems.

Price List

Costs for our services vary depending on the type of pest control required and how many visits are required.

  • Bed Bugs:
  • £60.00 plus VAT per room
  • Minimum of 2 rooms
  • Rats & Mice:
  • £65.00 plus VAT per visit
  • Minimum of 3 visits dependant on the severity
  • Fleas:
  • £72.50 plus VAT per visit for a 3-bedroom house
  • Minimum of 2 visits
  • We understand that customers need to consider cost when choosing the right Pest Control Services here at Goodwin Pest Management. If you need any more information about our prices then why not get in touch with us today!

No Obligation Advice

We offer free help and advice so please contact us to discuss any pest management problems you have and we'll be happy to help. You can use our online contact form, callback request form or call us FREE on 0800 634 2530.

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