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Goodwin Pest Management - Pest Control in Ashford

We offer a 24-hour pest control and wasp removal service in the Ashford area - every day, including weekends. A same-day response is guaranteed, to domestic and industrial properties alike. Our experienced and skilled technicians will provide you with a risk assessment, treatment report and recommendations, along with safety advice for any hazardous substances and a checklist of any bait that has been deployed.

We undertake to resolve any pest problem efficiently, quickly and at a reasonable price. Avoid risks to personal health – prevention is better than cure; we also offer pest prevention advice for your home or business.

Wasp Nest Removal

The safe and correct removal of a wasp’s nest requires experience and skill - this is emphatically not a DIY task. Do not try to eliminate the nest without help as this can be particularly dangerous. Wasps instinctively sting to defend themselves when they feel threatened, or to protect their young. Nests are often found in roofing or under overhangs and beams in attics, or in outbuildings such as garages and sheds.

For experienced pest control experts in the Ashford area, contact Goodwin Pest Management. We have full local authority approval are members of the British Pest Control Association.

If you have a wasp’s nest or require other pest enquiry, prompt action is recommended to avoid the problem worsening. Please call us today on 0800 634 2530 or, if you prefer, contact us online. We will be pleased to offer free advice and information, including a complimentary survey of your site.